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Solo Acoustic Musicians for your event in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

You can find a great variety of Solo Acoustic Musicians at Blue Planet Entertainment. When you book a solo acoustic entertainer from us you have the peace of mind of knowing that your solo artist has been carefully screened, in real working conditions.
Only the very best solo artists make it onto Blue Planet Entertainment and all have received our exclusive proven performer tick of approval.

Solo Acoustic Musicians

When most people organise a special occasion in which they want to have some live music, the first thing that comes to mind is hiring a live band. In some cases though, inviting a group of musicians might not be ideal for the occasion at hand. The other alternative that is sometimes overlooked is that of hiring a solo acoustic musician.

Solo musicians

are a great choice for intimate settings. You can hire one or even several for the same occasion. The best part is that they perform all kinds of music in diverse venues. For instance, you can invite a solo performer to sing a special tribute song at a wedding, birthday party, or anniversary. The person being sang to will feel special and appreciated.

Alternatively, you can create a relaxed mood if you happen to be organizing a party at a coffee shop, restaurant, nightclub, or lounge bar by having a solo acoustic musician present. The list of occasions where soloists come in quite handy for entertaining guests does not end there. If you are going on a cruise ship, a prominent musician can keep the crew aboard entertained throughout the trip. Corporate functions are also included in the solo artist gig list.

For those that reside in and around Melbourne, there are many artists who are willing and ready to play their best tunes at various events. Whether your event is a formal gathering or a casual night out with friends at the local club, it is possible to find an entertainer suited for the occasion. Much of this can be attributed to the wide range of Australian solo acoustic musicians that abound today. This means that choosing an artist that suites your style of music is not that difficult.

Solo Musicians for Bars and Cafe’s

So, if you are hosting an intimate occasion at a lounge bar, café or nightclub, a solo artist can entertain guests with relaxing background music. Some artists also perform at outdoor events like wedding receptions.
To ensure high quality entertainment regardless of the venue, simply go for a musician that plays entertaining music that appeals to your guests and ensure that you have a good PA system at the venue.

Booking solo performances for your next event is easy, all you have to do is make bookings with a good entertainment agency. This will help you to compare many artists and choose the best one to entertain your guests. It is also a good idea to work with an agency instead of targeting a particular artist who might otherwise not be able to play on the specific day that your event is to take place.

Advantages of Hiring Solo Acoustic Musicians

Some people might ask why hire a solo acoustic musician when you can have a complete band that will blow the roof off at the party. Well, hiring a solo performer comes with several benefits. The most important is that this type of entertainment suits intimate occasions with a few invited guests. Below is a summary of the advantages that come with hiring solo acoustic musicians.

  • Create Personalised Entertainment:

    Our Solo Acoustic Musicians can customize a song list to create the desired mood that you want at the venue. In most cases, clients get to choose which songs they want their chosen artist to sing at the event. This is great opportunity for the party host to dedicate specific songs as a tribute to a special guest. If your guests know the songs of solo artists, they also have the chance to request songs they like.

  • Cost Effective:

    Hiring one musician will cost less than having a full 6-piece band present at your event. Spending tons of cash on a large music ensemble might not be worth it if your event has less than half a dozen guests. In such cases, hiring solo acoustic musicians is simply cost effective. This way, you can get the right kind of entertainment for your small gathering at the right price.

  • Host a Prestigious Event:
    Do you want to impress guests at an event with something to remember about the entertainment? A good idea would be to have a popular artist as the surprise guest. Party hosts that want to host prestigious events do this all the time. If your chosen Solo Acoustic Musician is prominent and always produces great music, guests will definitely keep throwing complements your way days after the event.
  • Entertain Guests Even at Small Venues:

    Long gone are the days when live performance acts were reserved for only theaters and spacious venues. If you happen to be hosting an intimate occasion at a small venue, a solo artist would fit just perfectly on a small stage. Most Solo Acoustic Musicians come with a single instrument and a few audio set up appliances like a PA system. This means that you can book small venues and still accommodate your chosen solo acoustic musicians along with his or her instruments. You also get to save money on booking fees and still throw a great party for your select few guests.

Tips for Choosing a Solo Acoustic Musician

It can be hard to get a particular musician to perform on short notice at your event. So, how does one go about finding a good solo artist to perform at a special function? Well, any good event planer will tell you that it all boils down to good planning and knowing where to source great entertainers. To help you with this endeavor, here are the top tips for finding that perfect soloist to entertain your guests at the party.

Book with an entertainment agency:

Entertainment Agencies can be lifesavers when party hosts need entertainers on short notice. The reason for this is that good agencies maintain contacts with multiple artists, live bands, and entertainers. Your best bet therefore to finding a talented singer (even if it is not the one you had in mind) is through an agency. Besides providing a long list of artists to choose from, the entertainment firm can negotiate booking fees, provide backup entertainers, and even set up the venue for your event. To get these benefits and more, consider booking a solo musician for you next event in Melbourne with Blue Planet Entertainment.

Consider Your Desired Music:

Solo acoustic musicians have diverse repertoires depending on the style of music that they choose to specialize in. Every event requires a particular mood, which will be largely determined by the type of musical entertainment that the party host chooses to go with. For instance, if you want a fun and vibrant atmosphere, then your preferred solo artist should have some songs that the crowd can dance to or even sing along with during the performance. On the other hand, if you want your guests to just listen to the music, perhaps some soul, smooth jazz or soft music would do. The bottom line is to compare solo musicians that would suit the occasion at hand depending on the genre of their music.

Download Song Lists:

It is one thing to read artist bios and a completely different experience to sample the music of different singers. If you want to hire a good solo artist, then get to listen to his or her music. Blue Planet Entertainment offers song lists so that you can look for the music of your chosen solo acoustic musician online. Alternatively, you can try to catch your desired artist at a public show prior to booking. This should give you a good idea of what to expect should you hire a particular singer to perform at your event.

Check Availability:

When booking a solo music performer through an entertainment agency, you will often have many artists that you can hire. Some artists may already be booked for a series of events or may be on tour. It is therefore important to check whether they are available when you intend to host your event. In case your desired artist is not available, Blue Planet Entertainment can recommend an artist who is just as good as your first choice, or one that would be suitable for the kind of event you are hosting. In addition, remember the old adage that says the early bird catches the worm. The earlier you book your desired solo artist, the better your chance of having him or her perform at your event.

Choose a Talented Artist:

Do you want your show or party to stand out? If so, then ensure to hire a talented artist. At Blue Planet Entertainment, you will only find top-notch solo music performers. Choosing an entertainer from this agency gives you peace of mind knowing that your chosen singer has been tested and screened for their level of expertise in real work conditions. You can sample the artist bios on the solo performers section of Blue Planet Entertainment’s website. This will help you to know the kind of music various artists specialize in, big shows they have performed in the past, and their level of experience.

Choose the right venue:

If you are planning to hire a solo artist for an event, you have to choose the right venue for the occasion. This will depend on the number of guests you have invited. Before rushing to book that 1000-seater hall, consider the atmosphere it would create if your guests will only fill half the space. In addition, avoid booking small venue that will make the guests feel squeezed. The good thing with a solo performer is that not much on-stage space is required. However, ensure to have a good PA and speaker system installed, and especially if the venue is large and want everyone even at the back to hear the singer while performing.

Why Book a Solo Acoustic Musician with Blue Planet Entertainment

Blue Planet Entertainment has established contacts with some of the best Solo Acoustic Musicians Melbourne has to offer. The company’s list of acoustic solo entertainers is comprised of professional singers that perform across Australia and even abroad. These performers consist of talented upcoming artists and veterans that have been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade. Each solo entertainer has been assessed to determine his or her level of talent and expertise in order to earn a spot on the Blue Planet Entertainment solo artist roster. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your chosen entertainer is a professional.

Paul Solo Acoustic Artist for Hire Melbourne solo acoustic musicians hire melbourne - simon Barney harrington solo acoustic musicians hire melbourne - Ian

Booking a solo artist with Blue Planet Entertainment

makes the event planning process easier. This is because you get more help than simply making reservations with a solo performer to come and entertain guests at your event. The company works together with your chosen entertainer and venue manager to ensure that every detail of your party or celebration runs smoothly. This allows you to address common problems that most people encounter when organizing events.

Some solo musicians:

for instance, simply come with their instruments and leave the stage set up to the party host. Lighting can therefore be forgotten or even overlooked. However, don’t underestimate the role of lighting as this can make or break your party. Fortunately, Blue Planet Entertainment offers full range lighting services for the venue, be it for the stage, dance floor or guest area.

If you book a solo music performer from this agency, you get backup help in case your chosen performer falls ill or is unable to make it to your event for one reason or another. Blue Planet Entertainment makes these contingency plans and discuses them with you to avoid any surprises.

Sometimes guests can be choosy when it comes to booking entertainers for their events. There are those party hosts that prefer male solo artists, while others would rather hire female solo artists. Regardless of your preferences, Blue Planet Entertainment has a long list of entertainers to suit your needs.

Are you having a hard time trying to make up your mind on which solo artist to hire? Well, Blue Planet Entertainment can offer useful advice by recommending a good musician for your particular type of event. The company has had the privilege of organizing events and connecting party hosts with some of the most talented Australian solo artists for more than 30 years. Therefore, you can count on their expertise when it comes to choosing event entertainers and organizing events.

More great entertainment options for your event!

Blue Planet Entertainment have a fantastic range of Corporate Event Entertainment and Wedding Entertainers that will set the tone for your event and deliver an entertaining, engaging and memorable performance. If you are looking for an Acoustic Duo or Trio, a Cover band, a Jazz Band, a Wedding Band or Entertainment for your Corporate Event, you are in the right place.
Blue Planet Entertainments professional approach to each inquiry means that you get that best service possible. We work with you to make sure you engage the perfect Entertainment to suit your experience and budget

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Through the excellent service we provide, Blue Planet Entertainment are working with some ‘Great Australian’ companies on an ongoing basis.

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