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DJ Hire Melbourne and Australia-wide

Here at Blue Planet Entertainment, we’ve assembled some of the most talented professional DJs available in the industry to give you a selection of the very best. Whether you’re after a corporate event DJ or a wedding DJ, Melbourne customers can count on us to deliver event entertainment they’ll never forget. We also offer DJ hire for interstate and international events – just ask us when you get in touch. The calibre of our artists is what sets us apart from the pack. We carefully screen every club, corporate and wedding DJ in real working conditions to ensure that only the very best make it onto our books. Each has also received our exclusive Proven Performer tick of approval.

Gold Package

Ambient and Dance music!!

  • 5 hours Playing Time
  • Constantly updated music library
  • New, high quality equipment
  • Kinetic dance lighting


Great DJs for Hire
in Melbourne

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Platinum Package

Our most popular
DJ Hire Package!!

  • 5 hours Playing Time
  • Constantly updated music library
  • New, high quality equipment
  • Extended ambient and dance Lighting
  • Smoke/Hazer Machine
  • Client music selection
  • Wireless microphone for speeches
  • Any Request, on-line DJ Service


DJ Hire – Melbourne’s Best

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Platinum Plus Package

For the ultimate experience!!

  • 5 hours Playing Time
  • Constantly updated music library
  • New, high quality equipment
  • Extended ambient and dance Lighting
  • Laser Lighting and Smoke/Hazer Machine
  • Client music selection
  • Wireless microphone for speeches
  • Face to Face consulting with DJ
  • Professional MC on request
  • Any Request, on-line DJ Service


Full Package

Call to discuss all options

Extra Options: Additional hours, Data Projector, Screen, Karaoke, Laptop, Additional Microphones

For more information on our funky young club, corporate & wedding DJ hire (in Melbourne, Australia or overseas), please contact us on 0418 364 728

Blue Planet Entertainment DJ Hire in Melbourne

In today’s world, party hosts are moving away from the traditional way of entertaining guests that involves playing recorded music in the background. Instead, they are seeking more interesting and sophisticated entertainment options, and what better way to turn up the fun during an event such as a wedding than professional DJ Hire. DJs are now moving away from the clubbing scene and offering their services to party hosts. This move has been widely accepted due to the simple fact that a DJ is a superior choice of entertainment when compared to recorded music. What’s more, party guests can get to request songs, which the DJs can add onto their already chosen music mix. The best way of finding a talented party or wedding DJ is by going through a professional entertainment company. That is where the services of Blue Planet Entertainment can come in handy. We have years of experience and a high level of expertise in the performance, entertainment, and event management industries. This company is situated in Australia and offers its services to Melbourne, other Australian States and international locations. With this entertainment agency, you will be able to find a party DJ who will keep your guests fully entertained and amazed by a creative music playlist.

How To Choose The Best DJ Hire in Melbourne

Calling Blue Planet Entertainment is indeed a smart way to get the best party or wedding DJ Hire Melbourne can offer. However, it is not the only thing to consider when it comes to the entertainment aspect of your party. While most DJs available through Blue Planet Entertainment will keep your guests on their toes, knowing what you are looking for will help you to get the one most suited to your event. Below is a list of things you should already be sure of before contacting Blue Planet Entertainment.

  • The date and time of your event. DJ Hire prices vary depending on the season and time. For instance, they command higher prices if the party is held during peak periods such as holidays. Also, an event held at night will pay higher DJ Hire fees as compared to one held in the morning.
  • Duration of the event: A party or wedding DJ is usually booked for about 4 to 5 hours. If your party goes for longer than that, extra charges will apply. Knowing the exact duration of your party is essential to establish the exact fee you will pay.
  • Venue of the event: When looking for a DJ from Blue Planet Entertainment, it is important to relay the location of your party in advance. This will enable the company to send a DJ that’s closer to your location thus saving you from having to pay additional ‘travel fees’.

Important DJ Hire Considerations

Hiring a DJ for the first time can be difficult. To make the process easier and less stressful, you should consider 2 very important factors: your budget and music mix preference.

  • Budget: You should set aside a reasonable DJ budget for your party because professionals don’t come cheap. It’s quite ironic that people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on décor, rental charges, and catering services, yet they’ll set aside next to nothing for the entertainment. It is wise to save money but keep in mind that a DJ controls the party atmosphere. What is the point of spending lots of money on a party only to bore your guests with poor quality entertainment? A great DJ will be able to entertain your guests while a bad one can make for an awful party. Therefore, remember that expertise is just as important as price when you go about choosing the best DJ Melbourne has to offer.
  • DJ mix: Is your DJ capable of mixing music tracks? This is the first thing you should find out before hiring if mixing is important to you. Some people like DJs to play full songs continuously while others prefer to have a mixture of songs. A great DJ should be a creative mixer, delivering a nice blend of songs that interchange in a cohesive manner. That way, there aren’t too many interruptions on the dance floor. Some DJs tend to do ‘slam mixes’, that go from one song to the next very quickly. This can be done well but it can be overdone, resulting in a rather annoying music mix. Therefore, it’s very important to be specific with the type of mixing you want when looking for a DJ to hire in Melbourne. Otherwise you could end up very disappointed.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional DJ

Entertainment is one of the most important aspects of any party, so professional DJ hire is the wisest decision you could possibly make for your Melbourne party. The following are benefits that come with this decision.

  • Quality entertainment born out of experience: When you contact a respectable company like Blue Planet Entertainment for DJ hire you can be sure they have years of performance experience. An experienced DJ is aware of the most trending hit songs and they will know which songs to play during an event. This ensures that guests won’t get bored and will hear the tunes they want.
  • Peace of mind: Party planning can be stressful, and the last thing you want is to have problems with the DJ during the event. That is why hiring a professional is important to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. A professional cares a lot about their job and reputation, making sure the guests are always the top priority. Such a DJ will handle all the entertainment matters of your party, allowing you to enjoy the event without having to worry whether your guests are having a great time.
  • Free Master of Ceremony (MC): A professional DJ for hire usually doubles up as an MC and can keep the whole event interesting and moving on smoothly. They can carry out MC services such as cracking jokes to entertain guests, encouraging them to get on the dance floor and have fun, presenting newlyweds, announcing songs, dances, or dance contests and offering a toast to important guests.
  • Absolutely no boredom: Professionals provide non-stop entertainment for your guests. DJs do not require breaks, however if yours steps out for a while they will leave a playlist of songs in the meantime preventing dull moments during your party. With a professional, you will not receive any complaints of boredom from guests. Instead, they will thank you for a great time as they head home at the end of the party.

Weddings DJs in for Hire in Melbourne

Have you ever attended a wedding where there was no music? Probably not. This is because weddings seem incomplete and boring without some music. It is becoming a common trend to use DJs during wedding receptions. Wedding DJs are very valuable as they help create a comfortable and exciting atmosphere where every single guest will enjoy themselves. If you are looking for a wedding DJ in Melbourne, then look no further than Blue Planet Entertainment. Every DJ we have available for hire is talented and brings the following advantages:

  • Relevant music: Blue Planet Entertainment DJs play songs that are relevant to the occasion. Provided that you relay the schedule of your wedding reception, the DJ will play the ideal songs to correspond with the different activities taking place during the party. Aside from that, experienced wedding DJs at Blue Planet Entertainment in Melbourne are able to pick the right songs even during spontaneous parts of the wedding reception.
  • Flexibility: Weddings tend to have guests of various ages. Some may prefer older music while others relish newer songs. Our wedding DJs are not only capable of playing music that will entertain everyone, but they also mix the songs in an interesting way that will appeal to all guests.
  • A fun-filled atmosphere: It is true that guests do not attend a wedding primarily to listen to music, but to celebrate the couple. However, that’s no excuse to overlook the entertainment. Great music adds colour to an event, making it more interesting and memorable. Blue Planet Entertainment’s wedding DJs create a fun-sparked atmosphere by playing great songs continuously one after the other.

Why Choose Blue Planet Entertainment

When choosing a service provider, it’s better to hire one with quality experience. Blue Planet Entertainment has been in the industry for 30 years. With this entertainment agency, you are guaranteed the highest quality level of service and satisfaction. Over the years, the Blue Planet Entertainment group has mastered the art of personalized entertainment services. Their party and wedding DJs play songs that your Melbourne guests will like. In addition, they are more than willing to oblige with any music selection you desire. These personalized services have enabled the company to build successful ongoing relationships with many entertainment venues.

The Blue Planet Entertainment Difference

Unlike other DJ for hire companies that only focus on the music, Blue Planet Entertainment takes care of both the audio and visual parts of entertainment. The audio/visual services of this company are not just simple illumination of a venue and turning the volume up and down. We go beyond the basic setup, with services that comprise of putting up high tech equipment to create a great ambience and convey the preferred theme. Whether your party will be held in an old church or a luxurious banquet hall, your chosen Blue Planet DJ for hire in Melbourne will transform the space into a setting that will instil a combination of excitement, anticipation and enthusiasm in your guests. The main thing that sets this company apart from the rest is our DJs’ high level of talent. Regardless of the size of the party, each Blue Planet DJ is capable of either keeping all guests nodding their heads, tapping their feet, or dancing through the entire duration of the event. This high level is ensured by the strict screening process employed at Blue Planet Entertainment. First, every DJ for hire has to be tested in real working conditions before joining the company. This ensures that only the very best make it to our books.

The DJ for Hire Packages Offered In Melbourne

Blue Planet Entertainment offers 3 packages to those who want to book an entertainer from our long list of party and wedding DJs for hire in Melbourne list. All packages cover 5 hours of playing time and feature up-to-date music. The most popular is the Platinum Package. This plan is highly customized, allowing event hosts to get exactly what they want as far as entertainment is concerned. This package features extended ambient and dance lighting, wireless microphones for speeches, and bespoke music selection with the inclusion of guest requests. The DJs use high quality equipment along with a smoke/hazer machine. The Platinum Plus Package delivers the ultimate entertainment experience. It has the same features as the Platinum Package but with the addition of a professional MC on request, laser lighting, and a face-to-face consultation with the DJ. The Gold Package plays ambient and dance music. The chosen DJ uses high tech equipment and sets up kinetic dance lighting. Blue Planet Entertainment also offers extra DJ hire options for your Melbourne party with additional fees. These options include extra hours, additional microphones, data projectors, laptops, screens, and karaoke systems.

More great entertainment options for your Wedding or Event!

Blue Planet Entertainment have a fantastic range of Musicians, DJ’s and Wedding Entertainers that will set the tone for your event and deliver an entertaining, engaging and memorable performance. If you are looking for an Acoustic Duo or Trio, a Cover band, a Jazz Band, a Wedding Band or Entertainment for your Corporate Event, you are in the right place.
Blue Planet Entertainments professional approach to each inquiry means that you get that best service possible. We work with you to make sure you engage the perfect Entertainment to suit your experience and budget

Cover Band Hire Melbourne jazz bands for hire Duo Trio Hire Corporate Entertainment

Through the excellent service we provide, Blue Planet Entertainment are working with some ‘Great Australian’ companies on an ongoing basis.

Call us on 0418 364 728 to discuss Entertainment Options for your next event!!

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