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kieren-perkins-motivational-speaker-blue-planet-entertainment-1Kieren Perkins OAM | Motivational Speaker.

Kieran Perkins is a hero of the Australian sporting arena.
From Captain of Swimming at Brisbane Boys’ College in 1990 to dual Olympic gold medalist just six years later.

Kieren Perkins held 18 Australian records, three world records, and three Commonwealth records and has represented Australia all over the world.
He represented Australia in Monte Carlo, Rome, Auckland, Canada, Barcelona, Atlanta and, of course, at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Kieren was also an integral member of the Australian delegation sent to Monaco in 1993 to bid for the 2000 Olympics. He and the bid team were successful and Sydney went on to host the 2000 Games.

Kieran Perkins – Since retirement

Since Kieran’s retirement from competition he has been appointed to the board of the Australian Sports Commission. He has now moved into the role of corporate ambassador and media personality. Kieren recently finished a series as a reporter for the Sydney based program Weekend. He was also seen across the nation on A Current Affair reporting from the World Swimming Championships in Fukuoka.

Kieren Perkins has proven experience in managing corporate leadership teams. He owns and consults to a broad range of businesses’s and was a contributing partner to the creation of a golden age in swimming.
For the past 8 years Kieren has risen meteorically through the ranks at NAB and is current the Head of Wealth management at NAB Queensland

Inspirational, motivational, and with life experiences the average person will only dream about. Record breaking swimmer Kieren Perkins is a fantastic addition to any event. Kieran is well-travelled, humble, and full of stories, he is loved by audiences at small and large gatherings alike.

Kieren’s story of motivation, determination and success will inspire every audience