Tumbarumba Percussion and Voice

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Percussion Voice and Dance

For nearly the last decade Melbourne’s five-piece, rhythm strong collective has become known Australia wide for their riveting Brazilian, Reggae, Funk, Samba and Hip-Hop beat laden concerts.

Finding its roots in the street music of Brazil and the rhythms of an Australian Samba School, Tumbarumba has evolved into a unique ensemble whose individual members bring to it a world of influences and raw energy that draws both audience and performers into a frenzy of celebration and freedom.

Consisting of some of Melbourne‘s finest percussionists, past and present members have and continue to perform with some of Melbourne’s best live bands including; Bad Boys Batucada, Bomba, Blue King Brown, Diafrix, Illzilla, LABJACD, Mista Savona, Oxo Cubans, San Lazaro & The Red Eyes. “Tumbarumba is a simple and time-tested formula for intense partying”