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With more than 30 years experience in the entertainment and Event Services business

….it’s easy to see why more people trust Blue Planet Entertainment to assist them with their event planning than anyone else
In the long run, delegating a team or an individual like Blue Planet Entertainment to manage all your Event Services, you will definitely relieve a lot of undue stress otherwise given to an individual in your organization that has little or none of the skill sets required to run or organise an event, and in doing so, give that individual the opportunity to do the job you hired them to do.

As an Event Services provider we have long standing relationships with specific production companies, venues and a myriad of suppliers and performers and can give you ideas you may not even know existed. Because they use their suppliers on a regular basis, they receive more like a wholesale price, a bit like buying in bulk

When looking for Event Services, you are more than likely looking for someone with whom you can communicate directly, Is the person you deal with on the phone and emails for weeks and sometimes months prior to the event going to be there on the night? Are you dealing with the decision maker or the ‘Gatekeeper’?

Does your Event Services team know who is operating all the different elements of the function on the night?

You need an Event Services team that have an intricate knowledge of all the elements of your function. This will include assisting you develop an event order/running sheet making sure times for meals, speeches, and entertainers are well coordinated to keep things running smoothly and free of stress