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Band Hire Melbourne and interstate locations as well as internationally at Blue Planet Entertainment

band hire will be one of the most important investments you make in your function planning – it can either make or break an event. When you do your Band Hire with Blue Planet Entertainment, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have been carefully screened in real working conditions and can perform at restaurants, hotels, weddings, corporate functions, and events of all kinds.

The incredible caliber of Band Hire you will find here truly sets us apart from the pack, as only the very best performers that have received our exclusive ‘Proven Performer’ tick of approval make it onto the Blue Planet books.

From retro 50’s numbers through to the latest pop hits, our bands for hire encompass a wide range of musical styles and sounds. Whether you’re after a Jazz Band, Rock Band, Funk band, Classic Covers Band, Top 40 Covers Band, Acoustic Duo or Trio Band or a group who can do it all – we’ve got you covered.

To find out more Band Hire – including how we can complement band hire with our other entertainment services – just get in touch!

How To Choose The Best Bands for Hire

Hiring a cover group for any kind of event is a great way to rock up a party and break from the normal monotony of a DJ or personal music collection. The very first thing to consider when choosing bands for hire is the theme of the function. For instance you may have a 1980s themed party where the set-up, décor, and dress code are based on the theme. This should also be reflected by the entertainment; therefore you should choose a band that specialises in 80s music. For example, if you’re planning a 80s themed wedding, then Blue Planet Entertainment is the entertainment company to turn to for band hire – here you will find 80s bands for hire in Melbourne who are very good at what they do.

The music you choose

should be based on the demographics of the guest list. When you choose a cover group for your party, make sure they are able to perform songs that the guests are familiar with, appropriate to their age and music taste. For example, it would be a complete clash if you hired a heavy metal or punk music for your grandmother’s 100th birthday celebrations.

Before choosing a cover band for hire in Melbourne make sure they are talented. Look into their past performances and seek out reviews. You can also ask them to do an audition for you. In this way you will be able to appreciate their performance first-hand before hiring them.

Choosing cover bands for hire 

for your Melbourne function, make sure you select professionals band rather than the local garage band. Though the locals might have raw talent and may even one day become famous, hiring them for your party is not advisable as they lack the formal training that would make them sought-after professionals. It is vital to go for musicians that have a high level of professionalism, talent and skill as they will not leave you disappointed.

For instance professional bands for hire have “stand in’s”, individuals who can be called upon to take the place of a member who can’t attend due to unavoidable circumstances. These individuals have trained with the other players and are therefore familiar with their repertoire and performance. This means they are capable of delivering a great performance even when called upon at the last minute.

One question to consider in choosing a band for your function is its ability to handle song requests by the audience. Cover groups usually present potential clients with a list of the songs they can play. Most have some flexibility to accommodate requested songs, but it would be somewhat unreasonable to ask for a specific song that may be out of character for them, or to expect them to learn and perform that song while they are at the function.

Blue Planet Entertainment’s website is a reliable place where you are guaranteed to find the best bands for hire. We can help you find great cover bands for hire that are at the top of the most-talented list in Melbourne and Australia.

Advantages Of Cover Bands For Hire

There are several available options for people looking for a cover group to enhance their event. First on the list is the 1950s cover group. These bands capture the spirit of the golden era where RnB, classic rock & roll, jazz, swing, and blues were huge.

1960s cover bands

are capable of providing songs that take people back to the days of the proverbial 60s British invasion, flower power and the upheaval of society at the time. The famous genres of those days include folk, psychedelic, surf, soul, funk, pop, blues, roots, garage, and progressive rock. Cover groups who specialise in the 60s rock tend to play all the mix of rock genres of those days.

The 1970s cover bands

The Disco era were the years when people loved to dance and frequented all the famous discotheques. Cover players that specialise in this era mainly play rock, pop, reggae, and the country music of this period.

1980s cover bands

the 1980’s was the decade when fashion sense went completely crazy and the in-thing was BIG: big hair, big shoulder pads, baggy jeans and pastel-coloured clothes. Those years also saw the emergence of dance music, new wave, and hard rock. Bands for hire that specialise in this decade play songs of famous bands such as Metallica, U2, and Bon Jovi.

The 1990s cover bands

saw the entry of hip hop and rap into the music mainstream. Other genres of songs that were also a hit in the 90s include rock, pop, and RnB. 90s cover groups take you back to those days by performing renditions of songs from this decade’s famous bands which include, The Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and Boyz 2 Men.

Finally there are cover groups who focus on songs that made it to the various music charts of the olden days, the big band and swing. These are known as the 40s cover groups.

Why You Should Choose Blue Planet Entertainment

Blue Planet Entertainment has many years of experience in the industry and has perfected the art of making a function or party come to life with the infusion of live covers music. This has enabled Blue Planet to understand and appreciate the needs and concerns of their clients and thus provide a very personalised service. In addition, we also pride ourselves in exceeding our client’s expectations.

When you enlist Blue Planet Entertainment you simply tell us the kind of music you want and the company will do the rest. Do you want to get the party pumping with contemporary chart hits? Then top 40 cover bands will arrive at your function. Does your guest list consist of young people who are into 90s music? Blue planet entertainment provides you with 90s cover bands for hire in Melbourne.

The advantage of enlisting Blue Planet Entertainment as the agency to provide your party with great music is that you are guaranteed highly talented musicians. All bands for hire recommended by Blue Planet Entertainment have been carefully screened to ensure they are the most skilled and professional. Your function will definitely be a superb experience, enhanced by the very talented bands for hire provided by Blue Planet Entertainment.


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